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What You Can Do If You See or Hear About an AMBER Alert

The reason AMBER Alerts are issued is to engage your help in the search for a missing, at-risk child. The goal of an AMBER Alert is to involve as many community members as possible in the search for an abducted child — each community member becoming the eyes and the ears of law enforcement. Your involvement and attention is critical. Take note of these alerts, pay attention to the descriptions given, and continue to keep an eye out for the abducted child, suspect or suspect vehicle.

Call the Police

If you spot someone who or something that may fit the description of an AMBER Alert, try to gather as many details as possible (this may include your specific location when you spotted the abducted child, suspect or suspect vehicle, the time, the direction they were travelling in, and any other identifying information). Immediately call 911!

If you have a tip or sighting related to an AMBER Alert, call 911!

Verify AMBER Alert Text Messages and Online Notifications

Should you receive information about an AMBER Alert (particularly while online via email, social networking sites, etc.) take the following steps to verify that the AMBER Alert is still active and that it is legitimate.

  • Turn on your radio or TV. If an alert is active in your area it will be broadcast on your local radio and TV stations.

  • Visit your local or provincial police agency websites. If an alert is active in your area it will be posted on these sites.

If you receive a notice of an AMBER Alert via direct or forwarded email or other electronic method, please be on the lookout, but also do your best to verify that the AMBER Alert is legitimate.

Sign up for Wireless AMBER Alerts

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association has created Wireless AMBER Alerts for Canada. Please go to and sign up to receive AMBER Alerts directly to your cell phone via text message. You can sign up to receive alerts issued for your province, or for all of Canada.

Should you receive an AMBER Alert, read it carefully, and keep an eye out for the abducted child, suspect or suspect vehicle and call the police immediately if you see or hear anything relevant.

If you hear or see an AMBER Alert, it is because the police believe you can help!

Follow AMBER Alert Facebook® Pages

Some provinces have created AMBER Alert Facebook® pages. Visit the following pages and “Like” them to receive instant updates.

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