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Preventing Your Child From Running Away

Identifying teens at risk of running away is a complex issue. Not every teen that experiences personal issues is at risk of running. While some runaways appear to be running from what they perceive to be an intolerable home situation, other runaways gravitate towards, what, for them, appears to be a more exciting lifestyle. These youth may not be thinking about the risks associated with their actions.

Sometimes youth may feel it is better to run away than to try to deal with their problems. It is important for parents to stay attuned to their child’s needs, to recognize openings for meaningful dialogue, and to access appropriate resources for assistance. Problems intensify for children or youth when they feel they are unable to talk to their parents - this may leave them feeling alone and overwhelmed.

There are things that you can do to help your child through these difficult times and help build their connection to the family rather than running away. Please see the above links.

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