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Working With Police

If your child is not located after an initial search of the area, you should immediately call the police. Law enforcement, in this type of case, will respond quickly and you will need to take direction from them. While most children who get lost are located quickly, the response must be immediate. Depending on the location where your child has gotten lost, it may take a while for law enforcement to reach the scene. Even though in most cases where a child goes missing they are located safely, it is very important that each case be treated as an emergency.

What to Expect From Law Enforcement

Remember: In Canada, you do not have to wait to report your child missing.

  • Law enforcement will take your report immediately.

  • When you first contact the police, make sure you get the following information:

    1. An incident number

    2. The name of the officer taking the report

    3. A phone number for follow up

It is important that you work with law enforcement to the best of your ability.

Things to Remember:

  • Once law enforcement is contacted, consider filling out the Initial Intake form if you wish to receive services from
  • offers support services to searching families and can assist in the search for your missing child.
  • It is absolutely critical that you are honest with police. They are an important partner in helping locate your child and need to be aware of any circumstances surrounding the disappearance –regardless of how this will reflect upon you or your family.

  • No one is a perfect parent and the police understand this. Be sure you are honest about how long your child was separated from you before you realized they were missing. It is very important that law enforcement have a clear picture of the timing and sequence of events in order to effectively respond to and work towards locating your child.

  • All facts will come to light eventually and it is best if police know everything right away and that the information comes directly from you.

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