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What to Do if Your Child has Been Abducted by a Stranger

If your child has been abducted, it is important to act quickly. While the abduction of a child is a terrifying experience for parents, you must try to do your best to gather all the necessary information for law enforcement to aid in the search for your child. When a child is abducted, things can quickly become overwhelming for parents — surround yourself with individuals you trust, who can support you and the search for your child. The following steps will help guide your efforts.

If your child has been abducted, it is critical that you act quickly. Contact the police immediately and consider the following:

  • Is this a completely random act?

  • If your child is an infant, consider if there is anyone you have encountered who is childless and may have mental health issues.

  • Is there anyone who has threatened harm against you or your family?

  • Is there a new person in your family’s or child’s life or environment who you have noticed has been overly attentive to your child or who interjects themselves into your family’s or child’s routines? Have you recently been ‘noticing’ someone (could be an acquaintance or a neighbour) who seems to be around your child or in your environment more regularly?

  • Do I owe a debt to someone or have I upset someone for which they may be retaliating? For example, have you terminated a babysitter or ended a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend?

All of the above information must be shared with police in order for them to determine the best approach to safely locating your child.

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