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Working with Police

The job of the police is to help you in the event that your child is missing. They play a very important role in the efforts to find your child. It is important that you work with law enforcement to the best of your ability, remain patient, and be understanding. Law enforcement will do the best they can; however, working with them may not always seem easy. They may have significant limitations in terms of what they can do. For a criminal case, an investigation must take place and police must gather evidence to support a charge.

You Can Expect Law Enforcement to...

  • Take your report immediately; if you believe your child has been abducted by their other parent you must be persistent with police as time is of the essence.

  • In Canada, you do not have to wait to report your child missing.

  • When you first contact the police, make sure you receive:

    1. An incident number
    2. The name of the officer taking the report
    3. A phone number for you to call for follow-up
  • If you have difficulty making a report to the police, please contact immediately at 1-866-KID-TIPS.

  • Police will most likely send a responding officer to your location to gather more information and details.

  • The police have some discretion on how to proceed. Your child’s safety is their number one priority and supercedes any custody arrangement.

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