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What To Do If Your Child Has Runaway

It is important that parents do everything they possibly can to confirm that their child has run away (i.e. has the child told their friends, has the child left a note, has the child threatened to run in the past, or has the child indicated where they might go?). If you have reason to believe that your child has run away from home, some initial steps can be taken in order to locate them. Make attempts to reach out directly to your child and/or get in touch with friends and contacts of your child to determine if they have information. These efforts may help you locate your child and will be useful information for police.

If your child carries a cell phone, consider sending a text message instead of calling. Your child may not be willing to answer your call, but will still read a text message. A text message may offer an opportunity for you to share your concern with them while allowing them to maintain some control over the situation.

A runaway child is still a missing child.

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