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Missing: Asja & Milan Johnson

Asja Johnson
(now 10 years old)
Milan Johnson
(now 5 years old)

What You Need to Know

Now 10 and five years old, Asja and Milan Johnson were allegedly abducted to Canada in violation of a custody agreement from the Bahamas by their mother in July 2014, along with their older brothers. A year later the brothers were left with a stranger in London, Ontario, and have since been reunited with their dad back home in the Bahamas. Asja and Milan’s mother disappeared with the girls and it is believed they are still living somewhere in Canada.

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“There are no words to describe how hard it has been without my little girls. Half of my family, just gone. I have tried to make life as normal as possible for Morgan and Cruz, but it’s hard. They still hurt every day and wonder if they’ll ever see their sisters again.”

— Michael Johnson, father

Cruz and Morgan Johnson wrote letters to their missing family as part of’s Letters From Home campaign.

Asja and Milan Johnson

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